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WOMEN IN BIOTECH is an inspiring platform created by LithuaniaBIO association encouraging women leadership in the life sciences field. WOMEN IN BIOTECH platform key event every year presents notable female & male entrepreneurs, scientists, and activists to talk about their innovations, success stories in biotechnology to inspire the next generation of leaders and innovators. WOMEN IN BIOTECH platform aims to reach each and every person, from students, to scientists and entrepreneurs, helps to share the experience, network and build long lasting relationships.

WOMAN IN BIOTECH 2023 event will focus on transition and transformation and tell the real stories about transition between industries, countries, roles, and mindsets. LithuaniaBIO invites you to attend the event and hear the inspiring stories from the leaders in the life sciences field.

WOMAN IN BIOTECH 2023 event will take place at Radisson Collection Astorija Hotel in Vilnius, Lithuania on the 19th of September, 2023.


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