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Marissa Fayer

Marissa Fayer is a 20-year medtech executive, entrepreneur, and philanthropist. She is the CEO and founder of social enterprise / non-profit HERHealthEQ and the president of advisory firm Fayer Consulting LLC. Her mission is to move innovation and the health of women forward throughout the world through the advancement of organizations and the communities in which they operate by increasing investment, building world-class organizations and healthcare systems, and enhancing partnerships.


Marissa has previously served as an executive at Hologic, Olympus (formerly ACMI), Maquet-Getting (formerly Atrium Medical), Providien Medical, and Accumed Innovative Technologies.  Her consulting clients include several Top 500 companies and innovative start-ups.   Marissa sits on the board of medtech companies Welwaze Medical and DeepLook both focused on improving the diagnosis of breast cancer and PMD Medical focused on improving urinary incontinence.  Marissa graduated from Boston University with a BS in Manufacturing Engineering and with an MBA from the University of Connecticut.


Marissa developed the 3D mammography system at Hologic and grew the companies she worked for through several acquisitions and integrations, of which she managed operations and manufacturing.  Marissa facilitated successful acquisition integrations of manufacturing and supply chain that grew one company to over $2B and grew another business by $64M in one year.  Marissa has moved manufacturing and supply chain between the US and China, Costa Rica, Mexico, and Taiwan, between Europe and the Dominican Republic, and most recently several companies from China and the US to Mexico.  Marissa strategically advises and executes upon growth strategies for MedTech companies of all sizes to further expand their business.


Marissa is a TEDx Speaker (2019 at TEDxLugano), and has been listed as one of the Top 100 Women in Medtech in 2018, a Top Woman Activist to Watch, awarded the 2018/9 Africa Development Award, a Wonder Women in Medtech in 2017, and has spoken at the World Alliance Forum, CapGemini Women of the West Forum, MPO Summit, DeviceTalks Boston and San Francisco, and for several Top 500 companies. Marissa has appeared in several online and print publications such as Medical Design & Outsourcing, BloombergLaw, Med Device Online, MPO magazine and TheStreet.com. Marissa leads the #wealththroughhealth and #healthequityforwomen movements and is dedicated to innovative solutions for global operations and moving women’s health forward throughout the world.

Marissa lives in New York City and can be found at www.marissafayer.com


October 6. Women
in biotech: Make a change

15:00 (EEST)

Opening of the event (event moderator – Monika Paule)

15:05 (EEST)

Key speaker – Marissa Fayer – presentation

15:40 (EEST)

Q/A session

16:00 (EEST)

Short introduction of Lithuanian biotech leaders and panel discussion

16:30 (EEST)

End of event